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HollisWealth Investment Savings Account

Cash, especially under current market conditions, plays an important role in any investment approach, as a “rainy day” fund to cover unexpected expenses and to help you save for short term goals such as a vacation.  Both C$ and US$ cash can also be an important component of your longer-term asset allocation investment strategy.

As your advisor, my goal is to work with you to ensure that the cash component of your portfolio is working hard for you. There is no reason for your cash to be earning little or no interest in traditional bank chequing/savings accounts or even in lower-yielding money market funds.

I recommend that you take a look at the HollisWealth Investment Savings Account (ISA) offered by the HollisWealth Bank of Canada. The ISA is available in US$ and C$ versions so you can get your cash working hard for you everyday. Call me today to find out more or visit

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