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representative with Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., David offers his clients independent financial advice, asset and retirement management services and tax-planning strategies including:

Retirement Planning

Protect the value of your estate. David will calculate and compare it to your anticipated retirement income needs. This calculation will be made using varying assumptions on rates of return, inflation and other relevant factors.

Estate Planning

David can help you address estate planning implications and transfer your assets to your beneficiaries in an orderly manner when necessary.

Education Planning

Many families find saving for the high cost of their children's education difficult. David can assist you in determining the cost of your family's education needs and then suggest ways of providing for these needs.

RRSP planning

By providing a wide array of RRSP options, including bonds, mutual funds, GICs and T-Bills, David can help you make the most of your contribution. Each recommendation is painstakingly researched.


Investigating the market to obtain the best life insurance rates is a top priority. While the focus is mainly on term insurance, life and income disability insurance is also available.

RRIFs and Annuities

Proper planning ensures that you derive the maximum benefits from your RRSP upon retirement. Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. offers one of the widest ranges of options for your RRIFs and HollisWealth® Insurance Agency Ltd. offers a wide range of Annuities.

Mutual Funds

As an investment advisor with Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., David has access to the widest range of mutual funds in the marketplace - equity, bond, real estate, money market, mortgage, precious metals and a select group of global funds.

Income Tax Advice

Receive advice on ways to minimize your income taxes each year.

Retirement Services

Have your retirement planning needs managed and administered internally. David can provide administrative control of many flexible retirement plan options.

Bonds & GICs

David investigates the market to obtain the best rates for bonds and other fixed income investments.

Stock Trades

With access to all Canadian Stock Exchanges, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. is able to execute trades for their clients.

Limited Partnerships**

A conservative approach is used to select all limited partnerships (oil and gas, mutual funds and real estate) and other tax-assisted investments.

A no-obligation initial consultation and review of your plan for achieving financial independence is available by contacting David Little at (905) 639-5777 (Toll Free 1-855-596-7743).

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